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Eating Habits of horses and ponys


Horses and ponies have about the same eating habits. They like to eat different grasses. They also like grain and hay. Straw is sometimes mistaken for hay but there is a difference, hay is greener then straw and it has a rich smell. Unlike hay, straw does NOT have a rich smell and is more uncolored. Straw is also less nutrishous then hay. straw is used for beding while hay is used for eating. Some horses and ponies dont need grain and just eat grass and hay, like Jazzmine.

This is field grass hay it is one of the best kinds of hay you can get. Jack and Jazzmine eat this hay. You can see that it is much greener then the picture below.

Hay, see the greenness of it. It has more color to it. This is good hay but the picture above is feild grass hay and is richer then this hay.

Straw, see how it is almost white. It has less color. Straw is used in staws as bedding. Horses dont eat straw because it would be like eating cardboard to use.

The picture above is a bale of Field grass hay which is held together by baling twine. The baling twine is NOT to be eaten by horses or ponies because it might cause stomach problems.

The two arrows are pointing to the baling twine and to remove them, you cut them off. Baling twine is a set of strings that hole the bale together.

Each bale is made up in laps. A lap is a section of hay tightly put together and it makes it easy to give to a horse or pony. This way you don't have to pull apart the bale to give it to you animals you can just grab a few laps.

Sandy the cat likes to sit on the hay when I'm feeding it to Jack, Jazzmine and the goats.



Grain, it has a sweet smell to it.If you give to much grain it may cause a horse or pony to founder.



A horse and pony will smell the grass before eating it so they know if its ok to eat.



These are 3 different types of grasses horses and ponies like to eat.

This is clover. They also like to eat this.


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