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-Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos are football teams with 'equine' names.

-Horse meat is considered a delicacy in many countries outside the U.S., especially in France. Much of the foreign demand is met with American supply. Some horses sent to slaughter are stolen.

-Many horses are sent to slaughter houses because they didn't win enough, or weren't;t fancy enough. They may also be sent because someone got tired of them.

-In Europe around 732, horses no longer able to work were eaten.

-There are restaurants in Japan that specialize in horsemeat. When served raw it's called 'Cherry Blossom'.

-Maryland has almost as many thoroughbreds as Kentucky and twice as many as any other state.

-As of 1991, 2% of American homes owned horses, Putting the horses 5th in popularity after dogs, cats, birds and fish.


Mounted Police Officer in Ocean City Maryland

-As of 1993, Moscow (Russia) is again using mounted police.

- The mounted police unit was first formed in 1918.


-James Watt developed the term 'Horsepower' because he wanted a measurement for his steam engine that would be readily understood.

-One horse power = 746 watts; one metric horsepower = 736 watts.


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