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Grooming Products

Grooming your horse or pony is a daily task that is required. It keeps the coat looking healthy and clean.



How to pick hoofs


If you don't pick out the hoofs you can cause your horse or pony to get sore from rocks getting stuck in the hoof. To pick the hoof you will need a hoof pick. Slide your hand down the back of the horses/ponies leg and when you get to the ankle grab it and make a "click click" sound with your mouth and pull the hoof back and up. Then you can start picking out the dirt, rocks and other things that may be in the hoof (with the metal or pointed end of the hoof pick), but there is a triangle shaped soft area of skin DO NOT pick this out because it is part of the hoof, it's called the Frog and it can be sensitive. Then once you have picked the hoof you can use the brush end to brush away any loose dirt.


There are several types of brushes.

This brush has harder bristles.


This also has hard bristles.


This brush has soft bristles, you can use it to brush the face.


This also has soft bristles.



These two brushes are used first in circular motions to loosen the dirt in the fur.


I prefer this brush because its rubber and hair doesn't get stuck in it. As you can see.


Also giving a bath about once or twice in the SUMMER ONLY is good for the coat. If you do it in the winter you will turn them into horse-sicles! Shampoo is needed to give your horse or pony a bath.


This is swat it is a goopy, smelly, substance that is used on the ears and can be used on the backs of the ankles. It keeps the fly's away.



There are different types of fly sprays that can be used.


I know what your thinking. How am I going to carry all this with out making more than one trip??

What you need is this...



A grooming bin to keep your products in!!



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