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Pancake the Palomino mare and her colt Benjiman Buttons.


History The Palomino can date back many centuries from Asia, Japan and a number of European countries. The Palomino can be a pony or a horse and can come in many if not all breeds.
Conformation What sets a Palomino aside from the breed of the horse is the color. Their base coat is a light sandy color while their mane and tail are more blonde or white looking. To be eligible for registration with the PHBA a Palomino must show refinement of head, bone and general structure appropriate to the breeds recognized by the PHBA and suitable for carrying western and english equipment. It must show no pony or draught horse characteristics.
Height Vary's between breeds
Color Resembles a newly minted gold coin, with variations from light to dark. The skin is usually gray, black, brown or motley, without underlining pink skin or spots except on the face or legs. The eyes are either black hazel or brown. White mane and tail with no more than 15% dark, sorrel or chestnut hairs. Dorsal stripes or Zebra stripes are not permitted.

Pevi the Palomino pony


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