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Maguire Farm


Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse Cross


Makalya and her appendix quarter horse, Blaze.

The Appendix Horse is a cross breed between a Thoroughbred and a Quarter Horse. Many people just consider it to be a Quarter horse. They are built about the same and range the in the same height category. Often this breed of horse may be referred to as a Running Quarter Horse, which is normally an Apendix horse that is tall and longer like a thouroghbred but with big bones and muscle like a Quarter horse.

Height vary's mostly within 14.3-16hh however some horses can reach anywhere up to 18hh

(hh= Hands High, one hand is 4 inches)

Color Any Solid color

Master Eye Opener is a 14 year old Appendix horse and 17.1hh! He is huge, but has amazing movement and will be used for dressage, jumping, and trail riding.


Zack is a 7 year old Appendix gelding who stands at 16.3hh


Brandy and her 11 year old Appendix horse Ice Cream

Ice Cream relaxing in his stall


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